Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Air Taxis -- A Work in Progress:

Please Stand By.......

My apologies anyone who happens by for not yet posting the follow-on to my last post. I was just going to give a brief overview of the Air Taxi concept and how the Eclipse and other Very Light Jets (VLJs) were positioning themselves to capitalize on the 'Air Taxi' market-to-be (Although there are currently air taxi services none match the promised scope of the new paradigm). I am working diligently on the subject, but it has grown to the point that I must break up the follow-on into at least two separate segments: The factors driving the Air Taxi concept will be the subject of Part 2, and an appraisal of the contenders (aircraft and operators) will be in Part 3.

Gee….This is just like my REAL job in aerospace: I’m behind schedule, but I’m going to give you more in the delivery.

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