Monday, March 06, 2006

Air Taxis -- The Players

As one might surmise, this topic grew to what will now be three total follow-on postings. I am working on the (hopefully) last installment that will highlight some of the major players among both the VLJ manufacturers and contenders among the Air Taxi Operators, as well as some speculation on my part as to what yet may happen in the chaos that the new market for both will generate.

~Sigh~ After reading this post, I'll probably have to do this in at least two more installments.

In my OJT in blogging here, I'm learning a lot of different things. One of them is don't predict how many posts it will take to cover a subject. The other is, just because you know something very well, it doesn't mean you can quickly find all the references you need to have to backup what you write. Learning IS a lifelong endeavor after all!

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