Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day Mayday

Well golly, the "numbers" weren't quite where the wackos and militants wanted them, even in Los Angeles. Baldilocks and the Pajamas Media covered Los Angeles pretty well, including pictures I'm pretty sure won't be shown on CNN.

What really caught my eye in Baldilocks' post was this:
Within my earshot, someone said that it would be easier for Mexico—with its demonstrably hard-working population--to reform itself were it not for the fact that it exists right next to the most prosperous nation in the world. With the border so close, open and inviting, however, who could blame a poor Mexican for fleeing instead of standing up to Mr. Fox’s notoriously brutal and crooked police and military?
Which reminded me of my earlier 'Co-Dependent No More' post, where I wrote about (among other things)...

"(Mexico is an economic pressure cooker and) needs to blow off steam. (Mexico) has problems that can’t be dealt with any other way."

(American dominance is) enough to drive (any country) to (ruin).

The Icons are not loading at the top of the page for some reason. I'll update later, but file this one under Cultural and Economic Elements of Power.

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