Saturday, June 10, 2006

At Last! “Media Bias” Myth Debunked!

I asked our great information provider,”Big Media”, the other day about “media bias” and the War on Terror.

Our Omnipotent Arbiter of Information makes it all SO clear: It’s really simple when you think about it!

You see, the Big Guy his’self told me the reason the MSM falls all over itself in reporting any news that makes America look bad has nothing to do with the desire to make America look bad, it’s just the pressure is so great to be the first to report bad news, even when a tidbit that hasn’t a shred of credibility, that an MSM outlet just simply MUST report it as quickly as possible, lest someone else break the news first.

On the other hand, there’s really no pressure to be the first to report good news, because nobody else is going to report it either. Now, if all the ‘other’ MSM outlets were interested in scooping a ‘positive’ story…..well y ‘know, every MSM outlet would be falling all over themselves trying to get the good news out too!

So you see, there’s no ‘bias’ at all. We now return you to your regular programming.

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