Friday, June 16, 2006

A Message From Flyover Country

Corn Farmer Marketing

Got this (click on pic for larger view) in the mail today. While I somewhat agree with the sentiment, I am not a very big fan of Ethanol: I need more therms per gallon.

What this picture does is remind me of what I think about every time I fly crosscountry: that if you want to see what raw economic power looks like, spend some time looking out the window on your next flight from New York to LA. Notice how until you hit the foothills of the Rockies, you can see land in cultivation as far as the eye can see, out of both sides of the airplane. Notice the small towns, and the massive network of paved roads, railroads, and in some places waterways that link these farms to small towns and then to bigger ones, and then those to even bigger cities. You are looking at an economic engine that spans a continent and among other things, feeds the world.

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