Thursday, July 06, 2006

About That "Failed" Missile Test

Seems everyone sees some good in the failed North Korean long-range missile test, from left-wing moonbats who think it proves there's no real threat, to the rest of the country who thinks it was a setback for the NoKo's and it gives us some breathing room. Well for anyone who might derive some satisfaction from the PRNK failing to get their Taepodong missile downrange, a cautionary note: the missile 'failed' but if the NoKo's learned something from their test, the test was 'successful' to some degree.

The good news is, no matter how good they are, if they really are going to launch another one soon, there is no way they could have evaluated the data from the last launch and made improvements in time to get them on board this next one. A rapid launch of a second test missile could mean a lot of things, such as a parallel technology development program, where there are significant technology differnces between the two missiles, so a failure of one wouldn't neccessarily impact test of another. In a 'turd-world' country like the PRNK, it could also just as easily be because a little despot insists the launch goes ahead anyway.

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