Friday, July 14, 2006

Hezbollah Rocket Boyz

"The purpose of the [Hezbollah] rockets is not to decorate south Lebanon."
And boy, do they have rockets....probably more than ten thousand of them.

The escalation and nature of the ongoing Hezbollah-Israeli combat didn’t happen by chance. Patrick Devenny (formerly with the now-defunct Moonbat Central) foretold much of what is now going on in the Middle East in the Winter ’06 edition of the Quarterly of the Middle East Forum, including the Syrian and Iranian complicity. His conclusion:
Hezbollah will maintain its rocket arsenal as long as Iran continues its violent opposition to Israel's right to exist, the Assad regime retains control in Syria, and Hezbollah continues to leverage its militia for political power inside Lebanon. Hezbollah may find the threat of its arsenal outweighs its use.
Read it all HERE.

I wonder if Israel is now working towards an early deployment of the THEL-M instead of waiting around until ’08?

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