Saturday, November 11, 2006

Yes, We Should Judge the Election Outcome by the Joy it Brings Our Enemies

...and we should judge our political parties by their willingness to give and/or sustain our enemies' joy.

Powerline is right.

Captain Ed at Captain's Quarters is wrong.

Captain Ed's "high-mindedness" reminds me of a conversation I was having with a colleague last year. In our exchange, my learned friend pointed out that one problem with a metaphorical "Aunt Martha" was that "she thinks that these mullahs preaching Jihad in the mosques are 'just like Reverend So-and-so their Baptist Minister'. After all, 'they're both men of God' aren't they?" I think the Good Captain (with whom I agree with on many many things) is experiencing the same sort misplaced identification with the Islamist enemy and sees them as fellow human beings.

Oh, they are humans and no more or less human than we are of course. It's just they're not fellow humans. They are not our 'fellows' in the sense where we would have the same dreams, the same aspirations, the same core beliefs, the same sense of honor and human dignity. Their culture and the lives they lead don't allow such things. This is one of the reasons Islamists hate the West so much: our existence is a threat to their ability to sustain the feudalism and fascism that is at the root of their power.

I wouldn't even call Captain Ed's postion to be 'high-mindedness' but would characterize it more as 'optimism unsupported by events or evidence'. These enemies have a long history of saying exactly what they are thinking and what they are going to do. I believe them when they gloat from a safe place.

If the Dem leadership wanted to at least pretend they were good Americans, they would have sounded off on this immediately. Instead we hear......crickets.

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