Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Status on AF Reshaping: Part 5

I haven't dropped the ball: I'm taking some time here to wrap up my summary on the Air Force's 'Reshaping' B.S. effort.

Coming up through the NCO ranks, you learn that it is never enough to just have a criticism -- and sniping from the sidelines is nothing special IF you don't also have some constructive ideas as to how to make the problem go away, make things better, or sometimes just survive a bad situation with everybody's ass and career intact.

So I will be closing my 'Fisking' of the AF's plans with some clear (not neccesarily what anyone at the top will want to hear however - sometimes asses and careers don't get to stay intact) actions to take to get clear of the mess the AF is in, and asking for suggestions from the field.

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Inflatable Shark said...

Excellent posts, Senior. I'm looking forwards with great anticipation to your set of solutions.