Sunday, February 11, 2007

Islamofascists ARE the Enemy

(Sorry Lefty Dems, you're still only in second place)

I've opined on the nature of the enemy in the War on Terror before at length here and here.

But if you want to see the absolutely ‘best’ breakdown to-date of the threat we are up against in the War on Terror go here to read the post at Breath of the Beast (Hat tip Michael Ledeen). Consider the referenced post as a refinement on the earlier posts.

The post even comes complete with a Contrarian that shows up in comments at both Ledeen’s Pajama Media blog and the Breath of the Beast. Well, actually it is more of a 'nit-picker'. The Contrarian cavils over the fine point of labeling the threat ‘Islamofascism’ instead of the more generic ‘Theofascism’ without offering any reason to avoid the more concrete and narrowly defined term other than the risk of being labeled an ‘Islamophobe’. Since any ‘phobia’ involves an ‘irrational fear', this label is of course easily deflected by anyone with a modicum of grey matter by asking in return: “If it is a ‘phobia’ on what basis would one be able to characterize it ‘irrational’?

The Contrarian is apparently engaged in hawking a book AND a ‘philosophy’. I won’t link to his stuff, because…well, let’s just say "Mortimer J. Adler , he ain’t". You can find the Contrarian's stuff on you own easily enough if you follow his internet spoor. I did, and would suggest reading Adler’s Six Great Ideas as a more rewarding exercise.

updated: corrected a very stupid typo.


Yaacov Ben Moshe said...

Thanks for the link! I followed a visiter's referral back here and I have read several entries. I like what you are doing- alot. I'll be putting a link on my blog-
Hope You'll do the same.

SMSgt Mac said...

Honored to link to you.