Saturday, January 12, 2008

How 'Fraidy Cats' Do Public Relations

The 'Lifeboat Foundation' has a little 'poll' going on at their blog .

H/T Instapundit

Here's how I responded (w/typos and grammer cleaned up a titch)to the question of allocating their hypothetical $100M budget:

$1M Biological viruses [By improving early warning and mitigating/preventative actions]
$1M Environmental global warming [To study ways to exploit its benefits since we can't do anything about climate change anyway]
$0 Extraterrestrial invasion [If "they" can get here, what are we going to do to stop it?]
$34M Governments abusive power [3/4 to subvert totalitarian regimes and promote free markets abroad, and 1/4 to teach American History, Civics, and the Constitution in the U.S.]
$0 Nanotechnology gray goo [Free market will take care of this]
$1M Nuclear holocaust [By Adding 1% to a baseline 6+% GNP DEFENSE and Intelligence covert action budget]
$0 Simulation Shut Down if we live in one [E.T. Quote: "This is REALITY, Greg"]
$.05M Space Threats asteroids [High Risk (Low Probability & High Consequence) easily mitigated through current technology and development pace]
$0 Superintelligent AI un-friendly [Free market will take care of this too]
$62.95M "Other" To be allocated as needed to educate the American public on the nefarious ways in which Non State Actors (Including the United Nations) attempt to subvert the American Republic on behalf of despots, tyrants and utopian fantasists, with special attention to: 1. self-important celebrity 'activists' ,
2. discredited political and social movements such as socialism, fascism, and communism
3. adaquate mental health care counseling for the paranoiacs and mentally deficient among 1 & 2(likely to be the biggest slice of the budget pie).

$100 million total


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