Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Jack Cafferty, George Soros, and Moonbat Brigade

They're the Axis of Idiocy!

I saw the so-called War Card ‘study’ announcement earlier this week and of course recognized it immediately for the hogwash it was. I figured at the time anyone with at least two brain cells could do the same and didn’t pay much more attention to it. Unfortunately I forgot about the people with their two brain cells sitting so far apart in their punkin’ heads that have to tilt their head side to side to get them to roll close enough for a spark to jump.

Yes, I’m talking about people like know-nothing Jack Cafferty!

Now, I haven’t really watched CNN since Desert Storm, but I accidentally clicked on Cafferty’s (Warning: BDS ALERT!) vile little rant with readings of moonbat-dominated feedback on my internet provider’s ‘content’ site.

Contrast the content-free snarkfest at CNN with Bob Owens’ exposure and analysis at PJM.

Facts are stubborn things Mr. Cafferty! So start clunking those two grey cells together and maybe, just maybe, you will be able to recognize one someday.

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