Sunday, March 30, 2008

KC-45 Protest: CATO's Friedman Off Target- Collateral Damage Occurs

I found this at the faux blog "" (I don't link to fakes) and it kind of tickled me a little bit because tankerwar were quite effusive in their praise for those zany Libertarians they don't quite understand. Those boys at tankerblog covered a bit of territory in citing Mr. Friedman: cherry picking a lot of stuff out of the 'CATO blog' piece including at least one erroneous assertion . Funny, the one thing the Boeing shills at tankerblog didn't mention was this part:
The Air Force says EADS’s tanker is better than Boeing’s. I believe them. It would be reckless to choose an inferior product given the likely protest from the loser and what happened in 2004.
Which of course, is immediately followed by something stupid:
But while getting the best plane for the least money is essential, when it awards contracts, the Pentagon should be able to consider their effect on the political landscape, because that landscape drives future contracts.
First: Like politics never happens already? (Funny!)
Second: Are you sure you are a Libertarian Mr. Friedman?

I may destroy the pieces that tankerbog selected for their spin later. Right now I have better things to do.

In the meantime, enjoy Richard Aboulafia's thoughts on the situation, as they are far more lively and cogent than the CATO piece.

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