Saturday, April 05, 2008

WHAT Military-Industrial Complex?

This is a general reference post that will provide a link that I'm going to send to every moron out there that thinks Eisenhower's oft-cited quote still applies and who then throws it out as a general purpose anti-defense spending rationale.

Here is a chart of the 2007 Fortune 1000 companies with defense and commercial revenues color coded:

OK, it's kind of hard to tell from that view. let's look a little closer:

Well that's better, but it still is kind of hard to find that big ole' complex that' MUST BE hiding in there. Let's look at just the top 250 companies, then I bet that evil Military-Industrial Complex will fairly leap out at us :

Dang. Where'd it go?


AZalan said...

From your bio, it sounds like you are somewhat less than neutral on the matter.

SMSgt Mac said...

I disagree,
From my bio, I am POTENTIALLY less than neutral on the subject.

Logically, the question of my 'neutrality' only rises to the level being of interest IF I make unsubstantiated assertions that the reader would then have to weigh my objectivity to determine if they accepted or dismissed my assertions.

In any case, to dismiss anyone's assertions simply because they possess some expertise in the field would be a case of Circumstantial Ad Hominem.

I find Circumstantial Ad Hominem to be one of the most pervasive and nefarious logical fallacies of present times. For example, I find it used too often by the Left when they don't have a logical counter-argument and used too often on the Right when they grow tired of arguing with the Left.

I believe one should always argue the data and judge the source by the data, not the data by the source.