Sunday, September 06, 2009

Capitalism is Evil?

Michael Moore 'thinks' so....

No Michael. But I think you and your ilk are evil. A stupid, vain, pinhead form of evil, but evil none the less.

The best way to deal with this kind of evil is to mock it, and point out just how stupid it is. Now, I'm sure Mr. Moore takes great care to NOT encounter people who are in a position to point out his stupidity, but there must be a couple of people he deals with on any given day who 1. recognizes him and 2. are not dependent upon his good graces for their livelihoods.

So... if any of you happen to run into Mr. Moore, please point at his pathetic self and laugh at him for me will you? I'd do the same for you. I thank you in advance.
P.S. Lance Fairchok at American Thinker has a timely post that illustrates quite clearly why the stupidity of the Left must not stand.

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