Saturday, November 07, 2009

Well, We Dodged Another Bullet

Too bad the Politicos and Activists are concentrating on destroying us from within...otherwise they might have noticed.

From: Watts Up With That

On Friday November 6th at 2132 UT (16:32/ 4:32PM EST) asteroid 2009 VA barely missed Earth when it flew just 14,000 km above the planet’s surface...

...2009 VA was discovered just 15 hours before closest approach by astronomers working at the
Catalina Sky Survey.
And as Anthony Watts notes in the post, there is little official worry about this real threat, compared to the hysteria over the Anthropogenic Global Warming bogeyman. It would be an interesting mind experiment to poll policymakers as to how CLOSE does something 'big' have to come to actually hitting the Earth before they are able to grasp the magnitude of the risk to all Humanity. I suspect the populace will have to be the 'leaders' on this issue before the pols at least act like they give a sh**.

Seems like a good time to remind everyone -- Again -- about the basics of Risk Management.

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