Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Yeah, "What do I know?"

Updated and Bumped:

I've been having a rather unproductive, yet sadly humorous, 'intercourse' over at the DEWLine with a 'true believer' on a mission. Apparently, I know nothing about 'persistence', UAVs, persistent UAVs, ISR, or Heaven knows what else.

I am going to of course followup on this topic, but am working something more important for the next couple of days.

As a beginning, I think it would be helpful to first do a top-level characterization of the roadside bomb problem before we tackle any proposed 'solutions'. At first blush the challenge seems similar to a post-launch TBM neutralization scenario, but with an 'Assault Wrecker' model dynamic. I built Assault Wrecker (AW) about a decade ago for a grad school project and found AW helpful in performing several analyses after that. It is based upon the scenarios and model processes described in "To Find and Not to Yield". The model name is a play on the old 'Assault Breaker' concept: i.e. Assault Breaker on steroids. Read up a bit and try to guess how I'll apply old knowledge to the problem at hand.

But remember, according to 'some' I really don't know what I'm talking about.

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