Tuesday, October 04, 2011

F-35B Performed First At-Sea Takeoff Today

After slacking off all night. (Just kidding!)

Today,the aviation world is abuzz  over the F-35 landing on the USS WASP yesterday. Solomon at SNAFU! had the first pics and video that I saw (link here and the above photo from same) later in the same day it happened.
Today, Av Week's  ARES blog leads their story on the milestone with "NEW VIDEO UPDATE: F-35B Finally Lands on the Wasp!" .

Also today, Defense News reports the F-35 made the first STOVL takeoff. No video of the event...yet. 10/05 Update! Video here.--lots of takeoff and lamding angles.

But I wonder....will the ARES blog lead the story with "F-35B Finally Takes Off off the Wasp?" Depends on the editorial guidance (again?) I suppose.


SpudmanWP said...

Upcoming AW titles:
F-35 finally drops a bomb
F-35 finally goes IOC
F-35 finally kills a bad guy

My personal fav:
AW finally gets a clue

Unknown said...

Let's be honest: it's not so much AW as it's Bill Sweetman. I think his problem is that he knows a lot about aviation history, but not a lot about engineering development processes.