Sunday, May 13, 2012

Av Week's LCS 1 "Hit Piece": Unintentionally Helpful anyone who has been paying attention (of course MOST people haven't been).

Seriously, go read the AvWeek 'Investigative' report on LCS 1.  Match up the timelines for faults, findings, corrective actions. Set aside the 'scandalous' structure and phrasing and it will illuminate on many of the open LCS 1 design/build process questions I posed earlier in parsing the POGO arguments.

As to LCS 1 specifically, I am only 'mildly' interested in the Fabey 'tour' in dry dock that the Navy says never happened (protecting 'sources' there Fabey?).  I'm a little more interested in the INSURVs recent evaluation of crew (non)readiness.

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