Tuesday, May 08, 2012

LCS 3 (USS Fort Worth) Passes Sea Trials

News release from Naval Sea Systems Command Office of Corporate Communications:
"Fort Worth performed extremely well during its trials," said LCS Program Manager Capt. John Neagley. "The ship's level of completion coupled with Marinette Marine's excellent craftsmanship resulted in relatively few material deficiencies."

During the four-day trial, the Navy conducted comprehensive tests intended to demonstrate the performance of the propulsion plant, ship handling and auxiliary systems. This improved performance in comparison to the first ship of the class is a result of design stability, facility improvements and production efficiencies by the shipbuilder.
Barring some attributed, authoritative information to the contrary from another source, I will conclude that LCS 1 Freedoms 'problems' were indeed 'First of Class' issues. 'Somehow' an acquisition disaster is averted by the aquisition system that 'some' claim is a disaster itself . Time will tell if the ship's reliability is what is required.
USS Fort Worth on Sea Trials (Lockheed Martn Photo)
Note: I assume there will be 'problems' these ships will encounter in the future, Navy crews would be much smaller on ALL its ships if it wasn't for that darned entropy.

Hull Complete, March 2009 (Lockheed Martin Photo)
Minor nit in passing: I'm kind of beaked that the first US warship to be named after one of my 'home towns' isn't a Capital Ship or if it had to be an LCS, I would have preferred the Austal design (although boat operatons might perhaps be less fun from the even-numbered LCS's. I don't know)

LCS 3 Christening 4 December 2010 (US Navy Photo)
Nothing like testing the ship's 'righting moment' right out of the box 

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