Thursday, August 16, 2012

F-35 drops JDAM: Crickets on the Web

I decided to watch what happened on the web after the F-35 dropped it's first weapon (video here) while I was on vacation.

1000 lb JDAM Drop. (DoD Photo)

I first heard about it at Solomon's  SNAFU!. I noted at the time, that Nuno Gomes commented:

Impressive...if it was bad news about the JSF everybody would post...not one comment...
Mr Gomes comment at this time is STILL flying solo, and on the rest of the usual 'F-35 hatin' web there is barely a rumble since the event.

So far...

Av Week's ARES Blog put the video up essentially without comment, leaving the peanut gallery nothing to grasp onto with their limited imaginations, so the comments thread is particularly lame this time around and 'SufaViper' shamed the clowns easily. One person with the handle 'Horde' does expose himself/herself as completely ignorant on store separation testing, but that's about the extent of the entertainment.

I thought Flight Journal's DEWline Blog post had some comments, and I could've swore one was a poorly recieved smarta** one from Eric Palmer. If I am not mistaken, they appear to have been scrubbed, or perhaps I saw it somewhere else? - Oops! It was somewhere else: in the thread for  the F-35 post just before the 'bomb drop' one.

DoD Buzz? Nada. Ewing is practically all 'politics' over the past week. The 'politics' are unsurprising given Ewing's history at the left's contrived media organ called POLITICO, and ....whatta' ya'  know! Ewing apparently decided to just pass it to POLITICO along with a lot of other silly defense 'news'.

Defense Tech? Zilch.

Defense News? Nuthin'

Nuno called it right.


SpudmanWP said...

Eric save the best (aka worst) of his comments for his own blog. His blog title is "First drop of a test weapon shape from F-35".

Notice that he cannot even give proper credit and only calls it a "shape". It's not like dropping a dummy and dropping a live weapon is any different from the F-35's point of view.

SMSgt Mac said...

Too Funny. I got word today of something else happening last week (not saying what) that I'm now wondering if the F-35 'haters' are going also try and ignore.
The F-35 program just keeps proceeding down the path their roadmap tells them to go. If this keeps up, expect a lot of things to start being tossed down the memory hole

Barry Graff said...

Eric Palmer rampant (see comment section):

SpudmanWP said...

Just look at all the "reactions" at the bottom, all Horde (aka Goon) and ELP. How sad that they had to crap outside their own catbox.

SMSgt Mac said...
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SMSgt Mac said...

Thanks guys, I missed that article and comment spew (Other than bureaucrats and policy wonks who regularly reads "Government Executive?")
They must have limited comment space, otherwise why would Palmer do a 'serial spew'? - That's like typing in all CAPS: oh yeah... people really pay attention to you when you do that.

I must say I've just about had it up to here (points to neck) with the Evil Concurrency meme, though Venlet finds it useful to give him cover in his current endeavor, others will suffer down the line because of it.

SMSgt Mac said...

BTW, my favorite bit at Spudman's link was
"In fact, the services won’t even announce new projected fielding dates for the F-35 until later this year. The dates were supposed to be 2012 for the Marines and 2016 for the Navy and Air Force before delays pushed those projections at least two years into the future."

So much for wild claims about there being a much larger slip. I've read '6 years' in certain quarters. Of course, those certain quarters have no idea that IOC standards and dates are pretty much 'Kentucky Windage' for every program. Instead, those guys try to treat them as etched in stone and scream 'Sinner!' when they dates or thresholds change.