Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kum-ba-frickin'-ya there CATO

I’m still working on part 3 of the POGO/Dershowitz takedown, but it requires actual reading that I don't think CATO or POGO actually bothered with. As a sidebar, I think it would be now helpful to note how well that CATO study seems to grasp the peaceful world we live in right now.

How about a taste of some of the actual goings on in the world?

We have the easing (not) of strain in China-Japan relations,

Israel not liking what it’s seeing in Egypt (we shouldn’teither)

Source: Voice of America

What could possibly go wrong?

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Unknown said...

Dont worry...POGO is about to explain to you that all we nedd to defeat the SA-20 is the A-10 and a few F-16A...that bombers dont win wars( but CAS does)and that modern SAMs can be defeatted by manouvering...(yes,Pierre Sprey said that in an interview to the dutch TV about the F-35).As much as you try they(the reformers)just dont care...their arguments are stuck in the 1980s...And in a world were we(western world)are loved by everyone and nobody makes plans to attack us...