Tuesday, February 04, 2014

8th Blogiversary

To all of you who have e-mailed, commented, or just visited 'Elements of Power' over these past 8 years...

Thank You!


Marauder said...

What you really need is a "Donate Now" button so we can support a CAS Myths book!

SMSgt Mac said...

CAS Myths book? LOL. Thanks but no thanks!
If I jump on that kind of project it would be focused on the so-called 'Reform Movement' and the larger myths they promote.
Besides, I have 40K words of a techno-thriller in the can and a great concept for a sci-fi novel trying to derail me now. One or both of those will probably scratch that itch.
If I ever monetize the blog it would probably be only as an Amazon affiliate and that would be because I already link to Amazon a lot for the sources I end up referencing.
Thanks for the support and spreading the word though! It's why I put it out there and I really appreciate it.

Don M said...

How else would I keep in touch?

I am still working for the same company, in San Diego now.