Saturday, June 27, 2015

CAF Kickstarter Project: Save The Plane that Led D-Day.

The Commemorative Air Force is close to meeting their Kickstarter stretch goal of $250K to restore the C-47 that led the swarm of transports the night of D-1 that opened the D-Day invasion by dropping paratroopers behind the German defense of the 'Atlantic Wall'. The plane "That's All brother" was discovered to be in a queue to be either turned into a turboprop by a company that does those kinds of conversions for remote cargo hauling, etc. or provide parts for other planes, When they discovered what they had in their hands, the company decided to offer it to somebody who could preserve it.

If you can't contribute, spread the word about the project. The more people that hear of it, the better the chance of others pledging money too. Watch the video. The plane carried the 101st and 82nd Airborne divisions on the opening day and kept 'haulin' through other memorable battles.


Anonymous said...

Why did they not keep the confederate air force name? No support till the pc stops.

SMSgt Mac said...

They changed it years ago, but it was an internal decision. The CAF started in Texas, and the name came about because somebody painted the Confederate Air Force on the side of one of the planes sitting around awaiting restoration. They were one of the VERY few groups with more than one warbird at the time so the gag was about them being another air force. Being in Texas, 'Confederate' was the obvious choice for whoever pulled the prank. The name was changed by a vote of the members sometime after 2000 I think. I'm sure some thought it was a good thing because of the PC angle, but the 'Colonels' I knew/know thought it was time because the organization had grown to not only outside Texas but pretty much all regions of the country, with 'wings' in other countries to boot. Since the CAF doesn't have anything to do with the Civil War, but is specifically focused on WW2 aircraft, I have no problem with them changing their name, except perhaps for some sentimentality for the original group.

I do know what you mean though. I have ancestors who fought in the Civil War on both sides. This includes at least one carpetbagger from Illinois granted a political position in Texas after the war for his service and Unionists who lived under the threat of a lynching throughout the war living in South Texas (Most people do not know TX was very divided on secession.). But I've never felt the impulse to fly a Rebel flag...until just this week. I think the media may be actually introducing.reinforcing a whole 'nother meaning for the Stars and Bars.

Unknown said...

Congratulations on having such an excellent campaign.The C-47 is one amongst my favorites and extraordinary work you guys are doing.

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