Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I Enjoy the Yale Free Press....Typos and All

I hadn’t checked in at the Yale Free Press for a while because I thought they weren’t updating it anymore. I was contemplating removing it from my ‘favorites’ when I was pleasantly surprised to find they’ve started posting new stuff.

I was doubly happy to find TWO relevant pieces to recommend:

Assassination as a Tool Update

Looks like I’m not the only one who recognizes that sometimes assassination could be the best course of action. Read Kerri Price’s “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Mugabe?”

Liberal Colleges are (gasp) Liberal!

The YFP conducted a Freshman Poll and found:

“nine out of ten respondents labeled themselves “liberal,” “leftist” or, worse, “socialist.” When asked to list their political heroes, the left-leaning frosh favored Democrats like Bill and Hillary Clinton.”

So it looks like it is pure GIGO* at some universities.

Couple this with the resignation of Larry Summers as President of Harvard (Hat Tip: American Thinker) due a vocal (read ‘rabid’) ‘plurality’ of PC faculty, and you have to just wonder why these places are still referred to as ‘Elite’ when all they are is 'Exclusive'.

BTW: I don’t see a lot of Ivy League job applicants, since I am (mostly) just involved in hiring Engineers. But when I do, their job application goes straight to the bottom of the pile, and they have to work their way up in the stack during the interviews. They'll always get fair consideration: I work from the going in position that even Harvard can't keep all the good people out.

*Garbage In, Garbage Out

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