Friday, February 17, 2006

Last of the Housekeeping: The Socratic Method

Readers to-date will have (no doubt) noticed that I seem to attempt ‘illustration’ of the different Elements of Power rather than provide a definitive ‘proof’.

This is true.

They should also have noticed that I tend to pose questions that on the surface might be considered rhetorical, since I appear to not expect an answer.

This is not true.

I expect an answer, but (mostly) only in the reader’s mind and not in a direct reply back to me. This "Socratic" approach is one I feel is particularly well suited to keeping posts succinct, and to stimulate arguments pro and con in the minds of the readers.

I admit it: I have been known to be wrong, on rare occasion, and am not above changing my position if I am shown a ‘better’ one. I expect, when I open up the 'comments', a few readers of conviction will challenge or expand on the examples I provide. If those comments are particularly powerful and compelling, they could be a basis for revising or reinforcing my posts. .

Watch: now that I’m through with housekeeping, the news of the world will be boring.
Or will it be like Rossanne Rosanna Danna used to say: ‘Its always something!’