Saturday, February 18, 2006

OK Last Housekeeping Post...For real this time

I don't type.

My Father was a champion, trophy winnning, speed typist in high school and when the Navy found out, he almost never got to fly on his PB-4Y ASW airplane in his real job as a Plane Captain (We AF types call them 'Crew Chiefs').

He insisted that I never learn, and since my schooling was in the days before 'typing' became 'keyboarding' it was good advice. Until I retired from the AF I always had a secretary or a typist to do this sort of thing. Then the Information Age came about and they laid off most of the admin support in aerospace companies. Now I get paid very-senior Engineer wages to type very slowly.

Bottom Line: I make mistakes. Some are fat-fingered. Some are format errors.
Tough. Don't tell me about it. I know it already.

It's why I have my reports proof-read and my technical papers peer-reviewed.

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