Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Air Force Changing Uniform, It Must be Wednesday

The Air Force is messing around with the uniform....AGAIN.
One of these may appear to be a USMC ripoff, but it is really a pure CARTOON of an Eddie Rickenbacker-era uniform with a modified Sam Brown Belt.
The other one appears to be the product of a forbidden act between a 1940’s uniform and a zoot-suit. Lapels are evidently the latest rage!

Honestly, how many years of therapy does senior leadership need to undergo before they get over their insecurities well enough that they stop remodeling the uniform every time you turn around?

Or is there a mysterious process by which dead fashion designers channel (Chanel Channel?) fashion diktats via clueless general officers?

There's a certain LT I know thinks they're using this as a way to lower retention and get under the manpower cap.

But a colleague at work is reminded of something else:

'allo 'allo 'allo What's all this then?

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