Monday, May 15, 2006

Working Off Line: Not Blog and Blog

Not Blog
Been burning the late hours at work. You know you are under the gun when even though you are salaried, you have almost 12 hours overtime by the end of the first day of the workweek.

Didn't get to see a local airshow this Saturday, I just got to hear it from inside the lab. My daughters did get to go, and my youngest caught some good pics including this one.
Trivia for afficionados
I talked to the owner/pilot in the BX the last time he flew here (Nice Gentleman BTW). Suprisingly, he has no problem getting most parts. Some come from Russia and other former Warsaw Pact countries. but many parts come from China (his was license built in the PRC). The few parts he can't get, he gets fabricated.

Finally finished Cobra II, and am preparing an in-depth review. It ain't pretty.

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