Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The 'Man' is Keepin' Us Down - NOT!

Help! Help! I'm Being Repressed!

M.Simon at "Power and Control" has an excellent account of a visit to a Netscape Blog and online thread in which he participated. His exchanges with the economics-challenged are a hoot, and he completely roasts the victim-class within. If you visit the thread (Link above: 'Netscape Blog) you will notice he shows remarkable restraint in keeping his criticism to ideas, unlike the members of the 'pity party' who lash out from the get-go.

Reading the thread I was immediately reminded of listening to 'Dr Laura' on one of my 'mega-commutes' that I used to have to take from time to time between work facilities in L.A. (She was on KFI which provided the best traffic updates). Aside from the fact I thought she too often gave really bad advice, I couldn't stand to listen to her callers after the first few times I tuned in because they all had one of the same 4-5 basic problems but somehow they all thought their problem was different and couldn't be solved by fixing it themselves. These were usually pretty obvious problems with painful but otherwise simple solutions, but the callers insisted their problems were 'different' and required 'different' answers because "Bobby REALLY loves me" or "I CAN'T stop (fill in the blank)" or blah, blah, blah.

The 'blame others for my problems' and 'He's better off therefore I'm a victim' crowd in the thread M. Simon visited seem to have that same inability to recognize real problems and solutions.

It is just a lot easier to just envy and blame others I guess.

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