Sunday, January 21, 2007

Just goes to show you: "It's Always Something"

Battle Cry: "Where the *&^@# did I put the installation disc ?!"

(AKA: Backups only take you so far)

I was going to mark my 1st Anniversary blogging with the final post on the Air Force's 'Reshaping' misadventures, but I may not make it now. (Still Shooting for it though!)

IF I make it, I will be limping across the finish line, having reconstructing A LOT of material. I am still reinstalling programs.

Seems my computer caught a nasty worm that reacted to the surgery to remove it by taking a lot of my files with it. Since I take some fairly stringent security and firewall precautions, I (only) suspect (can't say for certain) my #2 Daughter's computer brought something nasty with it when she brought it home from college over the Christmas break. Thus, I believe some nasty things were brought directly onto my LAN at home: effectively bypassing two real firewalls I have in place between my PC and the internet, and leaving only one Windows (ahem)'firewall' to fight off the horde. I didn't mess with her computer while she was here, because I didn't want to hose up her settings for connecting to the University network when she returned.

The University IT system, it appears, is real good about keeping the student PCs from infecting the school servers, but apparently awful about letting garbage in from the great big world.

When I visit Daughter #2 (whom I do NOT blame for this BTW) in a couple of weeks, she's gettin' a security upgrade!

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