Sunday, January 13, 2008

Horton is the Who Part III: More Lancet Dirt

Gee....this is getting kind of monotonous. At this rate I'll need a separate category just for Lancet expose's.

The story so far:

Horton Is the Who Part I :(updated w/direct YouTube link.): Meet the Lancet Editor Richard Horton!

Has Lancet Fired Horton Yet?: Meet 'study' author Les Roberts

Horton Is the Who Part II: See serious inconsistencies in the study exposed!

Now we find out Anti-American George Soros is the enabler behind the "Gagillion Iraq Deaths" Study.

What next? Are we going to find out the survey crew doing the canvassing were Al Queda?

And still I ask: Has the once prestigious Lancet fired Horton YET?!

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