Sunday, November 20, 2011

AR Project: Lower Complete

I got a great deal on a mil-spec UTG Pro 6-position collapsible stock, and buffer tube assembly. My initial thinking was that it would be "suitable" at least until I decided on one of the more 'robust' options, but when it arrived I found it of impressive quality (AND made in the USA). Right now, I think I'll keep it.

To install the stock, I needed an M4 stock wrench.  Several phone calls later and after dropping by 'Cheaper than Dirt' (CTD) first,  I found none available and all on 'backorder'. I was also looking for some spare piece parts, and those were unavailable at CTD at the moment as well. The catalog desk rep at CTD recommended I order the parts through Rock River Arms - and it was a good tip. I ordered the parts AND the wrench at what were the lowest prices that I'd seen (wrench was 6 bucks!) and the shipping via USPS was trivial. The magazine is a Magpul 5.56 20 Rd, picked up at the Carswell JRB BX gun shop (no sales tax). 

Next Decisions:
1) 16" or 20" stainless steel bull barrel?
2) Buy or build the upper? Dollar wise, it's very close. May come down to what bells and whistles I 'need' vs 'want'  

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