Wednesday, December 07, 2011

F-35: STILL Just a Typical "High-Tech" Program

But the point seems to gets lost on the casual observers, the Druids and the 'droids. I wonder if pictures would help them understand?

I've been considering for some time doing a graphic or series of graphics that would show the comparable development milestones and the fielding of technical capabilities of the F-35 and the planes it is slated to replace or other 'successful' legacy programs . I think this would help get the point across to the illiterate, innumerate, and just plain lazy. Of course it won't do a thing for the 'Haters', but they're more manageable without their chorus of enablers.

This is actually more time consuming than just iterating the facts in words, but points can be more compelling when graphically shown.  For example, when someone trots out the F-16XL as a 'simple' replacement for the F-16, do they know exactly how different the two designs are?

F-16 Block52 vs. F-16XL

The recent Admiral Venlet Vent-let has stirred much of the "hater" noise making the last few days and   graphics, a timeline perhaps,  might prove handy to point to in the future when beating down hysteria over the next gasping F-35 factoid-of-doom that comes up. 

Constructive and serious suggestions as to the design(s) to get the point across are welcome.

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Inflatable Shark said...

These airframe overlays of yours are pretty nifty- the one regarding the F-89 was an eye opener, for instance, as I had no idea how big those birds were.

Likewise with this one. It conveys a lot of message in a very compact format, for us visual learnin' folk.