Thursday, January 26, 2012

DoDBuzz Debuzzed, With A 'Major' Tool Running Amok in the Threads

I'm going hammer and tong (see comments to this article) with a poser (On Airpower & CAS in this case) going by the handle 'major.rod' over 'CAS Myths' and after I came back to the thread today I find he dropped another steaming 'pile' a  day or two ago. Suddenly DODBuzz isn't letting me respond to this guy's idiotic comments. DOD Buzz won't even let me post the following as a 'Reply' to one of my own comments:

Wow. Slow but persistent eh? The list of people not smart enough to stop digging before now is short, but you just made it longer. And hey… that's fine by me. The more false claims concerning CAS myths and my series on them plucked from thin air (falsehoods easily verified by anyone who bothers to read the series no less) are brought up and the longer you sustain your refusal to take up the challenge to identify any ONE specific point that was 'flawed' in the series to support your vacuous critique (that I will decompose with great amusement) the more you’re exposed.I'm sure if we cast about looking for your trail elsewhere on these boards, I'd see more of the same. Hu(y)bris? That’s a mighty awful 'projection' problem ya got there! Which reminds me: Thanks for proving my CAS Myths 'Stainless Steel Trenching Tool’ point. Though not nearly as eloquent as others, you've been at least a little more entertaining.
 So Really: What is in this post with which DODBuzz takes exception? I suspect their 'filters' are on a little too tight. It couldn't be anything else.....?

I've been considering going around the web and collate all the times I've gone head to head over CAS  misperceptions and myths with ardent ground force (usually Army, and usually one hitch junior enlisted) troops who seem to involve a lot more emotion and a lot less thought into what they simply KNOW is true, and even when you can show them that what they believe isn't 'true' they still take offense over the Centralized Control/Decentralized Application of Airpower. (They tend to hate the use of capital 'A' in Airpower as well).  I'd then use the collated data in a post for future FAQ reference so I don't have to make the same explanations over and over again disambiguating fact from opinion, what was said or implied vs. what was read into what was said that was 'wrong'.

Maybe also some mind experiments would help as well? Something like:

Resolved: Given an unlimited number of funds, all the services could have all the Airpower assets they desired to ensure everyone had what they need or want whenever they wanted it.                        

Problem: Since this is 'reality' and we don't have unlimited funds, how would you organize your  Airpower capabilities to best make use of the limited resources? How would you prioritize those resources? How would you deal with the consequences of those priorities?

This would make some people's heads explode. Fun to watch.

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