Thursday, April 19, 2012

Functional AR Project: IOC Achieved

The hunting optics arrived today, so the Varminter/Pig Sticker is fully operational.
Took a little less than 7 months to build. Most of the time spent either deciding what I wanted, or finding wanted parts available, or waiting for parts.  With the Magpul rail covers and three point set up this way, I like the way this setup works so I've decided to forgo the forward grip for now.

Since I've discovered that an AR is never 'finished', I'm taking the opportunity to declare it 'baselined' and achieved IOC status.

New scope: AIM 2.5-10x40 with red/green illuminated reticle and green laser. Surprisingly well made, especially for the price at Combat Optical.


Solomon said...

sweet! except for the stock. hows it shoot???

SMSgt Mac said...


But Hey, I LIKE the M4 spec stock for civilian purposes (although I put a Pro Mag Butt pad on it to improve overall balance and I may add a cheek rest that AR-15 Outfitters keeps promoting.)

It shoots very well on the indoor range just down the road. All malfunctions have been caused by a short between the hedsets. I hope to take it into the field for some 100-300 yd shooting this weekend if possible (iffy).