Saturday, May 05, 2012

Vote Republican! It's like doubling your car mileage!

That should be a 2012 campaign slogan for the GOP. (Update Below)

I went down  to the Gulf coast and back yesterday for a memorial Mass and burial of my Aunt who was also my Godmother. That meant a lot of time on the road to think of many things related to the trip and life in general.

It also took two refills of the gas tank. On the second tank, it hit me that this trip would have been less than half the cost (~$50 instead of over $100) if President Obama's energy policies had never existed or if they are reversed. I don't care what his motives are, but the end result was the same.

From a consumer $ point of view, it's the same today as if my car was only getting 11-12 mpg in 2007.

From ThePeoplesCube
My line of thought was undoubtedly fed by conversations with relatives after the burial ceremony, three of whom have jobs with the oil and gas industry and another looking to get into the business.

P.S. In case someone is so inclined: Spare us the 'Peak Oil' BS.
Even so-called 'Ecologists' unreasonably fear the long term availability of oil.  Other energy sources will make sense when oil REALLY (vs. artificially) gets scarce. What scares 'Ecos' (smarter ones anyway) even more is the possibility that Western assumptions underlying oil production may not be correct.  Yet another science that is unsettled.

Update 5 May 12 for a commenter.

An Investor's Business Daily article briefly summing up the most cogent points here.

A nice graphic illustrating much of same from the Senate GOP:

If there is an unsupported assertion in these sources, prove it.

No 'Fox News' involved. I just ordered Jonah Goldberg's new book The Tyranny of Cliches . While  attempting to disparage information on the presumption that it comes from a certain source is Circumstantial Ad Hominem , the continued use of the logical fallacy should be considered rising to the 'Cliche' level. --I wonder if the 'Fox News' cliche made it into Goldberg's book?

Footnote:  I'm not against careful use of cliches. Truth told too often can become cliche as well as falsehoods. They serve as a convenient shorthand in discussions as long as those discussions do not involve an argument. But one discovers over time that while a 'true' cliche can be adequately supported by additional explanation and detail, a falsehood hiding in a cliche will be destroyed by same.  


Polaris said...

Sigh. Obama and his "policies" have nothing to do with the price of gasoline. You need to do some research - I don't know...try Google - and stop spouting Fox News talking points.

The administration has issued far more drilling licenses than Bush the Younger did at this point and hugely removed all kinds of regulations on the same.

The price of gasoline is directly related to emerging Chinese demand and oil speculation. How anyone with a fairly decent blog site can be so ignorant of this stuff is beyond comprehension.

SMSgt Mac said...

Sorry. That is incorrect. All of it. I don't watch much TV, including Fox News. But I do notice you seem to have the Obamanation talking points in hand.
Speculation was, is, and will always be been driven by market dynamics. Rising consumption in the industrialized nations has been but one of the dynamics. It is how we react to, or more importantly and beneficially, 'shape' the dymanics that determines the markets. Obama's energy policies are Epic Fail from a US POV.