Thursday, May 31, 2012

No Doubt, This Will All Work Out in the End

One of MANY Artists Concepts of India's New Cruise Missile, Source: Wikipedia

On the one hand: First Test Of Indian Cruise Missile Looms

Unlike its Agni-V ballistic missile, do not expect New Delhi to draw a lot of international attention to upcoming testing of its Nirbhay cruise missile, even as the weapon holds far more significance to the Indian weapons program than is widely appreciated. 
In August, the country is scheduled to conduct the first test of its little known Nirbhay (“fearless”), a subsonic weapon with a maximum range of 1,000 km. Designated secret, the weapon’s development has remained concealed ever since its existence was first revealed in 2006.
And on the other hand: Pakistan Tests Nuclear-Capable Missile
The Hatf IX has a range of only 60 kilometers (37 miles) and can carry conventional warheads, the military said.
“This quick response system addresses the need to deter evolving threats, especially at shorter ranges,” it added in a statement.
Ahhh...Good old fashioned Saber Rattling.

What could go wrong?

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