Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Another Mil-Spec AR-15 Build Project: This One Was a Gift

Obviously. I'm Glad I Did it WHEN I Did It.

JD Machine Stripped Lower from SOG Armory
CMMG Lower Parts Kit
M4 Spec Adjustable Stock
DPMS 5.56 16" A3 Upper w/ 9:1 twist, standard front sight/gas block and Flash Suppressor
MBUS Gen II folding rear sight.
Just Before  Gen II rear Sight Came in the Mail
As much cr*p as I've read over the years about DPMS fitment and quality, I've found their 'uppers' very much a 'good value', and they sit very well on JD Machine lowers.

BTW: I've updated mine a bit since IOC was achieved:

 Additions: Magpul 'MOE' stock, ambidextrous safety and charging handle, and LED light.
The LED light I can operate with my right thumb while aiming and illuminating varmint of the two or four legged variety at a pretty good distance without washing out the green laser.


Solomon said...

very nice! hows it shoot? and i like the idea of not following the crowd with dot about limiting a guns applications! way to go.

SMSgt Mac said...

Thanks! On the new build, it's going to get a workout this week. When the recipient reports, I'll let you know. It's his first AR experience, and he's got a serious coyote problem at one of his family ranches...for now. Mine shoots well, but I am waiting for this 'guns are evil' crap to die down before I take it out again. Ammo is outrageously priced if you can even get it, and I'm down to about 100 rds each on ball training and steel core Lake City 5.56 ammo, and only 1 box of 'premium' .223 hunting rounds. Most of my shooting until sanity returns will be of the 9mm variety.

Solomon said...

i totally get that. i give it less than a month. this president has bitten off more than he can chew and many on his side, much less our side are going to be regretting giving him another four years to fowl up the country.

damn coyotes. good times ... good times for sure!