Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Faux Reform's Camel Already Has Her Nose Under the LRS-B Tent

The Faux Reform Crowd are hilariously heavy-handed. May it ever be so.

Embedded in the bottom in an otherwise very fine article at Breaking Defense about Northrop Grumman winning the LRS-B contract we find this nugget from Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA):
“We need to keep the Long-Range Strike Bomber on track and hold the Pentagon to its promise of delivering a tested, reliable airplane for $550 million a copy [in 2010 dollars],” Speier said in a statement. “The Rapid Capabilities Office has made some good decisions to use proven technology and accept the recommendations of independent weapons testers and auditors in their development process. But there are warning signs, including a clerical discrepancy that resulted in a $16.7 billion misreporting error to Congress.”
(I suspect this and the oblique 'emerging critics' reference early in the piece were Sidney's contribution. He likes to cite politicians as if they are soothsayers.)

LOL! Well THAT didn't take long. 

A clerical error, in only one of many documents, on a number everyone knew beforehand, and was corrected as soon as it was noticed, after being so out of place it was noticed quickly is a 'warning sign'? I got Jackie's warning sign for her right here: It's called the revolving door between faux military reform operations and Prog legislators teamed in a pernicious self-licking ice cream cone with Punk Journalists That IS the "Faux Reform Message Machine".
I could take these people if they were honest with their arguments, but if they were honest with their arguments they couldn't stand the laughing.
Mmmmmmm. #SmellsLikePogo


Unknown said...

Love this blog. A dose of sanity.

SMSgt Mac said...

Thanks man. I wish I had more time to do stuff with it. Working on it though.

Blacklake 3D said...

As a relatively new reader to your informative blog, I have to admit that, while I think I have a general sense as to what type of individual tends to fall into the "POGO" category, I have no idea what the acronym actually stands for. Could you spell it out for us noobs?

SMSgt Mac said...

Hi Blacklake. POGO is one of the biggest players, if not THE biggest full-time player, in the Faux Military Reform camp (they WISH they were still a 'movement'. POGO stands for Project on Government Oversight, and in it's current form runs almost all of the perversions-militare out of their Straus Military Reform Project, which used to be in another camp with the deceptive name of The Center for Defense Information. CDI was absorbed into a bigger Prog outfit and I guess wasn't a good fit, because Straus took his trust-fund money and project to POGO. A good introduction to the current state of play at POGO is in the second part of this post about a fellow traveler of theirs: http://elementsofpower.blogspot.com/2015/06/william-hartung-you-got-yerself.html
POGO was founded by Dina Rasor, who now runs the Mos Eisley reject 'Truthout' website.
Thanks for reading!

Marauder said...

Off-topic but:

Merry X-mas to you.

SMSgt Mac said...

Merry Christmas to you as well. Hard to believe I've gone this long without a post, so thanks for staying with me too! By way of explanation, I've been working killer hours offsite for four of the last six weeks, took a family-urgent trip out of state on another week. Looking ahead, I plan on wrapping up the fighter requirements series in two more parts when I'm recovered.