Thursday, February 04, 2016

10 years of Blogging

I know, I know. Lately I've been on my longest hiatus ever.

I needed the downtime after spending most of the non-holidays in November and December closing out a 4 year project-from-hell, and am still wrapping up the paperwork in the aftermath. But I hope to return to 'normal' blogging as of today, with some posts that close out old series and try to introduce some new topics, staying with the more substantial topics if I can resist the urge to swat intellectual flies.

I can't imagine how other people have lasted as long as a decade doing this stuff at the rates of posting I've witnessed and I marvel at their productivity (and in some cases wonder what in the h*ll could they fit into their lives other than blogging). It can be a grind if you let it be. But while the emphasis here may shift, I shall attempt to 'endeavor to persevere'.

Next up: DOT&E's 2015 Annual F-35 Report: A User's Guide


Commisar12 said...

Wow.... Here's to another 10 years of informative postings.

energo said...

Looking forward to your new posts.