Friday, June 03, 2011

F-35 and F-18E/F: Wheels Within Wheels

Since the KC-45 clusterfark I've learned to always suspect Boeing of ulterior motives and deployment of Marketeer Maneuvering Par Excellence whenever they produce an announcement out of the blue - especially if they're claiming some 'slight'. That is why when this popped up the other day, I began waiting for the other shoe to drop.
It could be coincidence -- and if it were anyone but the 'Borg' I would insist it HAD to be just a coincidence -- but how odd is it that Boeing would pick a public bone with LockMart over F-35 vs F-18 cost claims, just days before another news item is released mentioning that up to 500 'Super Hornets' may eventually be replaced by F-35s as a possible option of future Naval Aviation recapitalization? Boeing plays the 'long' game. Do they play it this 'long'?

Just asking.

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