Monday, September 26, 2011

UAV as Satellite Backup

 Without passing any judgement on the technical approach, the idea of having an unmanned high flyer communications network in case our space assets are neutralized is a good one for two reasons:
1. The obvious one: We'd have a backup.
2. The less obvious one: It lowers the military utility, and therefor the likelihood of someone bothering to neutralize the space assets in the first place,


Earlydawn said...

Ever see the movie "Stealth"? It was a so-so stealthified version of Top Gun, but it had a couple cool ideas in it. One was an absolutely huge, Navy-owned dirigible at extremely high altitude that was used for refueling aircraft. That would be a very interesting platform for a SATCOM alternative, or strategic ISR.

SMSgt Mac said...

I'm with you on airships as an attractive option for relays. Theoretically, you could get them high enough, reliably enough. (I hated the movie though [;-)