Thursday, February 26, 2009

President Obama Burns Rome, Press Fiddles

I'm getting ready for work while back out here on a temp job in SoCal. Just now KTLA morning news ran a piece (live?) where President Obama hosted yet another segment of his apparently never-ending press conference. In just a few minutes, the President blew off investors in the stock market, redefined America from someplace with opportunity for all into someplace where "all things are possible" for all people, and wrapped everything up in a huge pile of misdirection and obfuscation. Immediately afterwards, bubblehead Michaela Pereira fairly cackled over the President's 'speech'.

When I get back from work tonight, I'll link to today's resultant stock market dive and to elsewhere in the blogosphere where today's manifestation of President Obama's malevolence towards American Civilization will be documented in more detail.

Update @1933hrs (Pacific):
As predicted:

“Wall Street sinks as Obama warns of oversight”.

Yeah that's it, 'oversight'. Not the subversion of free markets and socialist programs being pushed at the moment.

I really think the announcement I saw playing this AM was from yesterday.
As to proof of the impact, from the NASDAQ site we get this pic:

Looks like the downturn started about the time the morning and midday news on the right and left coasts started airing him opening his yap.
If they ran his bloviating every day for a week, I wonder what the Dow would look like? ~Shudder~