Sunday, September 09, 2007

B-52 Nuke Story: A Tale of Two Chiefs

'Former Spook' at In From the Cold has an excellent post with one AF Chief's view of what went wrong (is still going wrong) in the Minot B-52 "Nuke" flight last week. He even has a skeptic in the form of another 'Chief' in the comments.

Hmmm. Both 'Chiefs' would be of about the same vintage, so both would have been a little past mid-career when Aspin's Bottom Up Review gutted the Air Force (my take on Aspin and the BUR was here): when all the structure provided by solid mentors who didn't want to suffer through the Clinton years bailed as fast as we could. The Chief in the main post makes the most sense though, and what he writes jives with what my 'little birds' have been telling me over the years. So the other 'Chief' might either be a fraud (low probability) or one of those Dufii (plural for Dufus) who never would have made MSgt much less CMSgt in my Air Force.

Continued 'Apologies to All' for not finding much time to post lately. Work (unfortunately) finds me writing, reviewing and editing several hundred pages of test plans, procedures, and operating instructions right now. I don't know how 'everyone' else does it.