Thursday, April 10, 2014

Back UP From Maintenance (Updated)


It wasn't the Trojan. The laptop's power supply/distribution system was frying components, including my hard drive. The shop was able to recover most of my stuff (Huzzah!) but I've been having to get it all transferred over to the new laptop, and considering how convoluted newer program licensing works, moving programs has been a PITA.
No matter now. I have the core programs I need installed and can slowly migrate datafrom the old hard drive (what is there anyway), reinstall most other programs, and migrate from backup DVD/CDs as I go. The Dell XPS 15 served faithfully for about 5 years, which is probably 80-100 years in Human terms the way I used it.

Coming Up

 I'm now working on Question 5 of the A2A Combat over SEA series. Boeing is also tempting me with a vapid banner ad for their 'Save the Growler' campaign that just begs parody, but I'd have to dust off some Flash skills and that takes time.

Speaking of 'saving'...

Given the near global stupidity among the unwashed that is pushing for 'saving' the A-10, I may add to the Debunking Close Air Support Myths series with a post on how the Air Force has tried to field a 'survivable' CAS plane for high intensity conflict repeatedly, yet have been stymied by the 'Army Insecurity Committee' and earlier stupid Congresscritters. I'll try not to get into what a self-serving lost boy, the idiot John McCain is (done enough of that already). Think he's running again?

Update ends, original post below...

As I mentioned in the comments of a previous post, a 'Trojan' hit my primary computer almost two weeks ago and it has been in the shop since. I back up all my data, but unfortunately the d%#*! thing hit me in the middle of a backup session so until I get my computer back, I have no idea how much of my data was affected. The computer shop is attempting to recover my data and programs, but the hard drive is gone.  I'm banging this post out on a little netbook I use for word processing on the road, and it is wholly unsuitable for serious work [just making the odd comment here and there ;-) ], so I'll resume regular (for me) blogging as soon as I get my main system up to speed. Down for