Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Elements of Power

Six Elements of Power
If one should exercise a favorite search engine using the terms "Elements of Power", "National Power", or "Elements of National Power", one might find that the terms are used to describe all sorts of things or characterize 'power' in many varied, but highly abstract, terms.

The Elements as described here, I believe, are the best descriptors and characterizations out there. And while I think it is possible there could be equal characterizations, I doubt there can be better ones.

I should note that any good Air Force NCO of my era will recognize these elements, as this is the way Elements of Power were taught in Leadership Schools and Academies.

The next few postings will expand the Elements one-by-one, and then transition into a discussion of how they are interrelated.

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Unknown said...

Hello. I like your list of elements of national power, though especially cultural power is very difficult to quantify. The following paper New Thinking in Measuring National Power may interest you, as it enumerates a history of efforts to measure national power:
You may also like the resource page that contains many interesting links on the subject: