Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A F***ing Song. Ooohh the Horror

(Hat Tip Little Green Footballs)

Well I hope some PC ninny at DoD really didn't issue a statement like CAIR indicates in their press release, but it is probably too much to hope for.
So,in the interest of providing some perspective to this NON-STORY, get some historical background here. It took me five minutes to find, and it looks like a great jumping off place for more searching.

Here's just a couple of highlights:

...Like soldiers from time immemorial they sang of epic drinking bouts and encounters with exotic young women...
...Songs provided a means for the expression of protest, fear and frustration, of grief and of longing for home....
We know that these songs were occasionally played on AFVN Radio and they were probably also played on the "bullshit net" which the troops operated illegally on field radios. The extremely high rate of troop mobility meant that these songs spread rapidly.
...Others display a kind of black humor mixed with violence, in which, in the words of Les Cleveland, the thing most abhorred is embraced with a kind of lunatic enthusiasm: "Strafe the Town and Kill the People," "As We Came Around and Tried To Get Some More," and "Napalm Sticks to Kids"...
There are quite a few 'fair use' audio clips as well.

UPDATE @2307: Just searched for "Napalm Sticks to Kids" and this popped right up:
Napalm Sticks to Kids

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