Friday, September 18, 2009

So Long LGF

Well I was going to post something to the effect that Charles Johnson's LGF has completely jumped the shark, but it occurred to me that it had probably already had been done by now.

I am thus leaving LGF behind on all things non-musical. As I recently pointed out in a comment at The Macho Response:
I used to link to LGF, until something happened over there -- and I'm still not certain what it was. I still visit,read it, and agree with a lot of LGF, but I'm just about convinced that CJ's biggest problem is he's far more afraid of fringe Christianists and wacko conspiracy theorists (there's a Venn diagram to those categories) than he is of the actual funded, organized and radical socialist/fascist agenda being played out in right in front of him.
In the past couple of weeks, it has become even weirder over there. The most bizarre is an attempt to lowball the headcount at the 9/12 march in Washington DC. While mocking the ridiculously high 2 million marcher count, LGF in bizzare fashion pushes for the equally ridiculous low end of the estimates. In addition, while posting and linking to every photo of marginal hangers-on (and possible Mobys) at the march, LGF has studiously avoided significant coverage of the majority at the march - a majority clearly shown at other sites.
So long LGF.
We hardly knew ye'.

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