Sunday, November 20, 2011

Poser Update: DT is aware of the problem

A DT/ rep has contacted me: they're doing what they can.
The person responsible for managing the 'back-end' of the blogs is aware of the troll who has posed as me and is making sue DT is doing what it can to contain the outbreak'. I don't want to mention details because that could be counterproductive.

I know they're only able to do so much and I know what their limitations are. I also understand that they can't provide me with the little troll's e-mail and IP address, but I still wish they could - as I have access to certain...ahem,,,'technical' capabilities that I wouldn't mind employing in a just cause.

The 'troll factor' was a minor contributor to my getting out of a side web-design business I had in the 90's [main reasons being 1) the unreasonableness of small business demands for the $: the smaller the business, the more unreasonable the demands, and 2) getting stiffed by the same small businesses].


Solomon said...

great news. i'm a little surprised...i didn't think they read the comments. now if only we could get a little proactive activity from ARES!

SMSgt Mac said...

Ohhhh... I'm pretty sure every ARES comment that gets through is pretty much by design.

john said...

Ares don't rate my callsign. I did some stupid stuff for my company to award me that callsign.

Dska's suck.

Glad they are doing something

SMSgt Mac said...

John, I like your profile photo. I have a similar one somewhere from the 80's with my Son wearing my flight helmet. May use it on his birthday.

john said...

Like father like daughter. I did the same thing with my fathers gear when he was in Recon and rangers/cav. My oldest daughter already talks about jumping out of airplanes and being a "fighter pilot" which I'm more than happy to entertain.